swimming pool coping woodland hills

Stronger Protection: Swimming Pool Coping in Woodland Hills and Beyond

Have you been looking for a way to protect your pool’s tiles? Do you feel like sometimes the edges of your pool aren’t quite as safe as they could be? If so, then it may very well be time to look into swimming pool coping in Woodland Hills and the surrounding area. In this context,…

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swimming concrete decking san Fernando valley

The Swimming Concrete Decking San Fernando Valley Deserves

Does it feel like your pool’s decking has lost some of its luster? Do you want your pool’s decking to stand out but also be able to “stand up” to the elements, too? When it comes to decking options, we’ve found that concrete decking is absolutely one of the most popular. Here at SBL Pools,…

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swimming pool remodeling San Fernando Valley

Adding a Spa: a Great Swimming Pool Remodeling San Fernando Valley Project

Have you been considering adding a spa but don’t know if it’s right for you? The truth is that a spa can improve your life in a variety of ways. When most of us think of a spa or hot tub, they think about relaxation. Sitting in there, kicking back for a few minutes, and…

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swimming pool builders encino

What Pool Tile from Swimming Pool Builders in Encino Can Do

Do you feel like your pool used to look better than it did? Does it seem as if your pool is more slippery than it used to be? Here at SBL Pools, we have many ways of improving pools. One of the most popular is through installing tiles. Tiles can help your pool in many…

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swimming pool builders Woodland Hills

A Swimming Pool Rebuild: Better for Your Family, Your Home, & Your Wallet

Does it seem like your pool isn’t quite as great as it once was? When you see other people’s pools do they look much nicer? A swimming pool can be so many things to a home: a paradise, a place to gather, somewhere to relax, to exercise, to entertain, and more. Yet, like so many…

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Los Angeles swimming pool build

Calm Waters: Benefits of a Swimming Pool Build by the Pros

Have you been considering getting a swimming pool? Are you unsure whether you want to build it yourself or hire someone to do it? For more than three decades, we’ve helped folks all across Southern California to have their own, custom paradise in their backyard. Swimming pool technology and installation methods may have changed over…

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